Wish List

Communities by Barbara V on April 14, 2012 at 6:31 AM

"Wish List" is an idea that can be used in any community worldwide that has internet capability. SedonaWishList.org, just over 1 year old, shows that an online connection between the community and its service organizations makes it possible for community members to fulfill needs they didn't know existed. Currently 83 local organizations have their own webpages on the site, describing their needs for funding, goods, volunteers and even offers, if they are a philanthropic organization. There is also an events calendar and photo gallelry. Meanwhile, the community now has access to information about the needs and is able to fulfill them. The local newspaper has kindly given us a weekly column to summarize current needs, driving readers to the website. As word spreads, more otherwise unknown "Wishes" are being fulfilled every week. If every community in the world had its own "Wish List", everyone would know where to find out how they can help locally and globally.


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