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  10,000 Solutions Featured Challenge 10,000 Solutions is incredibly excited to announce a brand new initiative on the website, dubbed ...
Arizona State University researchers invite high school and college student teams to become citizen science innovators by imagining "...
When posting a Solution, Challenge, or Action on 10,000 Solutions, it has been shown that following a few steps can increase the effectiveness of the...
GameCon 2.5, an annual, massive video game event sponsored at Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus, is a gaming tournament event with a...

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How do we educate in a rapidly changing world?
How do we focus information and technology to produce meaningful change?
How do we build strong, vibrant communities?
How do we create a sustainable way of life?
How do we promote economic opportunity and security?
How do we lead healthier, more fulfilling lives?
Human Rights
How do we defend and extend human rights?
How do we understand the past and present for the sake of the future?

Featured Activity

By Rugged Communications on Feb 13, 2014
A solar-powered, wireless cellular repeater system that brings phone and internet access to remote locations, bringing connectivity to where it...
By Laura M on Mar 20, 2014
With the help of Mona Lou Callery founder of NATN and Professor Sarah Buel, two passionate survivors of domestic violence we have co-founded the...
By Stephen A on Mar 18, 2014
Did you know that... # 50% of the goods we use everyday contain palm oil? # Global demand for palm oil is estimated to double by the year 2020? #...
By Niccolo M on Apr 01, 2014
By generating a sustained plasma arc, a near perfect medium for sound production has been formed. Electrons, which are essentially massless, lack the...
By Janelle E on Feb 14, 2014
Read It Alive broadens children's minds by translating the written word into living experiences. We combine the expansion of their awareness of...
By Brett N on Mar 14, 2014
My commitment, based on what our organization is already conducting, focuses on providing awareness of the educational opportunities that Barrett,...
By Irene K on Feb 14, 2014
To bring together youth and discuss the ideas that they are too scared to voice out.
By Jared S on Mar 04, 2014
W.H.O says 50% of the water crisis is related to purifying the water while the other 50% is safely storing the water so it is not recontaminated....
By Stephen A on Feb 14, 2014
An organization that will fight for the freedom of wrongfully convicted prisoners.
Human Rights
By Sarah Della Cramer on Feb 11, 2014
To end a system as we know it, we can reform it. This is where activism comes in. I propose that activism must start within. How do we fully exit the...
By Mohammad A on Jan 26, 2014
A pilot program to assist 15 Farhan Al-Khalid students over the 2014-2015 school year to broaden their horizons for their future goals and potential...
By Jonathan Z on Jan 31, 2014
MedBOCS is an initiative which seeks to develop affordable assistive medical devices which can be directly distributed to rural communities. Because...
By Kaitlyn Jessica Fitzgerald on Jan 17, 2014
The Lasting Impact Program focuses on education and will provide returned volunteers the opportunity to have a continued impact on the community they...
By Rachel Olzer on Feb 11, 2014
Shifting paradigms about the nature of research, what it means to be a scientist, and how to incorporate what you love into science.
By Donna E on Feb 05, 2014
I applied to be a CGIU volunteer because I realize the incredible opportunity that lies before me to be involved in one of the world's most...
By Trevor S on Jan 27, 2014
TriChange is a web interface and mobile application dedicated to helping people accomplish their goals while simultaneously empowering them to fund...

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